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What We Do are specialist suppliers of Rear Mech Hangers, Derailleur Hangers, Gear Hangers, Frame Savers, Dropouts, whichever term you prefer to use!

Not only do we stock thousands of different Rear Mech Hangers, with many in numerous colours, but we can also supply bespoke Factory Direct Hangers, based on your need and specifications. Specialist advice and support is available from our Cytech Accredited Master Technicians.

We are also proud to be the UK sole distributor for “Crank Candy” branded products and accessories.

What is a Rear Mech Derailleur Hanger?

A rear mech derailleur hanger is a sacrificial part of a bicycle, designed to deliberately break in order to prevent damage to the main bike frame. Also known as derailleur hangers, gear mech hangers and frame-savers, a rear mech hanger is a relatively cheap and essential piece of equipment for anyone who is serious about their cycling.

A rear mech derailleur hanger is usually made of a relatively soft alloy which is either cast, stamped, forged or made using a CNC machine. It is attached to your bike using bolts or screws and then your rear derailleur itself bolts on to the hanger.

We offer a huge range of rear mech derailleur hangers for every major make and model of bike. Even if we don’t stock what you’re looking for, contact us and we can probably find it or manufacture it for you.