About Rear Mech Derailleur Hangers

A rear mech hanger is a sacrificial component part of a bicycle, designed to deliberately bend or break in order to limit or prevent damage to the bike frame and the other component parts of its drivetrain, when under duress.

Also known as derailleur hangers, gear mech hangers, dropouts and frame-savers, a rear mech hanger is a relatively cheap and essential piece of equipment and should be checked, maintained and quickly replaced when necessary.

A rear mech hanger is usually made of a relatively soft alloy which is either cast, stamped, forged or CNC machined. It is attached to your bike using bolts, screws or sometimes lock nuts/rings and then your rear derailleur itself bolts on to the hanger.

We offer a huge range of rear mech derailleur hangers for every major make and model of bike. Even if we don’t stock what you’re looking for, contact us and we may have unlisted stock, will source it, or we may be able to have it manufactured for you..

Find the Rear Mech Hanger to Fit Your Bike…

Simply type in the make and/or model of your bike to find the dropout that fits. If you’ve bought with us before, simply search by the part number ie. CC252

Why Is A Mech Hanger Important?

The cost of a replacement rear mech hanger will typically be between just £10 – £25. Riding your bike with a damaged / bent rear mech hanger could cost you hundreds of pounds to replace or repair a damaged bike frame and/or its damaged drivetrain components as a result.

The mech hanger is your best buddy an “inline fuse” between the drivetrain and your frame, that will “blow”, when the drivetrain / frame is under too much stress.

How Do I Find the Right Hanger?

Most bikes have specific replacement rear mech hangers, which is why there are so many 100’s available. Bike manufacturers are constantly releasing new bike models and updated bike models each year, many with different hangers, so it can sometimes be difficult to know what to look for. However on the other hand some hangers stand out like our CC007, may fit many different makes and models.

The best way to find what you’re looking for is to use the search function at the top of our website. Simply type in the make of your bike and you should find what your looking for, matching photos, diagrams and fit list details to your own bike

How Do I Fit & Adjust My Rear Mech Hanger?

We always recommend that you employ the services of a qualified trained cycle mechanic, to fault find your drive train problem, resolve it, then fit your hanger, rest your derailleur stops, adjust your b-screw and subsequently retune your gears.

The fitting and alignment process can straight forward for someone with experience, the essential fault finding process is hard work for us all, but for the inexperienced, can be more than tricky.

There are some great resources on the internet like the Park Tool website, offering you hints & tips on carrying out jobs like an essential retune of your gears, having fitted a rear mech hanger, the video below being one of many examples…

Can’t Find Your Hanger?

If you’ve searched and can’t find your hanger, please fill out as many details as you can in the form below and we will do our best to find it for you…